Monday, January 26, 2015

Part tres! AMO Drift trike frame fitment and welding!

Here are acouple shots of the frame on the jig, fitment of the tubing and finish welding enjoy. I set the neck at 25 inches up and a 42 degree angle.

Part dĂșex of the trike. 23" tire!

So I started from scratch on the trike front end. I tried to hug the tire as tight as possible with my bender 5" radius. I made the axle bungs on the lathe and scavenged a stem off a 20" bicycle then tig welded them together to make them one.

AMO Drift Trike! Is underway!

So I cut my margay shifter cart in half about a month ago. It was just takin up room and I saw what August from sfd industries was doin with his and decided to make one since I had all the stuff layin around to do it. So i sectioned the frame and set it in my jig. I started Makin the one off frame and front-end to accept the Elsinore 23" front wheel. Check it out. And stay tooned for more progress you won't be disappointed.