Saturday, February 16, 2013

Special shirt, Special 79

Thanks to Jay Roche for the Badass t-shirt. Spcl 79 Fabrications rocks!

Aluminum exhaust for RCVC

Made these sick lil pipes for a old school sears moped my buddy Matty at Rubber City Vintage Cycles is putting together. Dirty lil suckers!

Chop shop!

Been doin quite a few hardtails. The Leftovers.

59' Sporty Fender Struts

Rolled a 5 foot piece of 3/8" in my 3 wheel roller. Counter sunk some bungs for 3/8" Allen heads bolts, I also Tig welded 1/4" thick 3/8" coarse thread bungs on the inside of the fender, so no need to hold back on a nut with the tire on! So far so good.           

Friday, February 1, 2013

59' bmx barz

Whipped these up for my buddy Chris. They are 1" .120 wall dom bent just past 90 degrees and the center piece is 2 pieces slugged then welded together and cleaned up. Turned out sweet